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Egyptian Masks

Egyptian Masks This is a picture of masks made by students K – 2 at Ash Creek Elementary with teacher Andrea Buckley and teaching artists Susan Corl.   The masks are some of many artifacts which students reproduced in their study of Egypt.   They even made and cooked original Egyptian food as a part of their integrated study of the literature, culture, climate, and geography of Egypt.


Drawings Students proudly show off their artwork after a class directed by Alex Jones, resident artist.  Alex is a professional Commercial Artist and Illustrator who provided his talents in the classroom integrating visual art into the core curriculum studied by students. “It is obvious that Alex is a very knowledgeable artist.  Alex presented background information, specific instructions, and displayed many excellent examples of what the students would be expected to draw and paint.  Presentations were verbally and visually outlined step-by-step.  He communicated details of the residency to...

Picture Quilt

Picture Quilt The picture quilt was developed with artist Susan Corl at Ft. Thomas Elementary School.  Another quilt was made at Ash Creek School where students colored pictures, transferred them to fabric, then made a quilt as portrayed in the photograph.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Creative Writing is an integral part of several aspects of the project; it was used by two of the artists.  Kimi Eisele is a professional writer and dancer.  She incorporates various types of creative writing into many of her movement lessons or as stand-alone creative writing projects.  Alida Wilson-Gunn has worked throughout the project using creative writing to develop the student’s original stories.  The stories  are then combind into an original theatre performance.  The performance is compiled and directed by Alida and performed by professional actors.


Music Music Teaching Artist: Carrie Starr, is a professional vocal and instrumental musician with Orff certification.  All sites learned to do a basic world drumming circle with Carrie Starr as a part of the sites introduction to music. Dancing and singing were an integral part of most of the residencies.  Students were engaged in looking at the hisorical and societal impact of music through compare and contrast activities.

Visual Folk Art

Visual Folk Art The SAAA project worked with two visual artists, Susan Corl and Alex Jones.  They are both practicing professional artists.  Corl is a visual folk artist and an experienced teaching artist.  Alex Jones is a commercial artist and illustrator.  The two of them have been able to deliver extremely diverse and standards based visual art experiences that were integrated into the numerous core curricula.  Here a student displays a Native American designed egg decorated by use of wax and dyes.

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