Drama / Theatre Overview:

Drama and theatre standards, concepts and skills have been intensely taught at age appropriate levels throughout the SAAA project. The drama and theatre standards and concepts have been taught by two of the artists. Paul Fisher is a professional actor, director and theatre consultant who has been a teaching artist for over 35 years. Alida Wilson-Gunn is a professional actress, director, technician and writer. She is the Education- Outreach Director for Borderlands Theater.

Project Highlights:

Created with the instruction of P. Fisher :

  • · ELL students performing original holiday stories
  • · Apache high school students teaching Pre K students Apache and incorporating drama activities/exercises
  • · “Devils & Angels‖ videos made by Apache high school students about choices in life
  • · Performance of original student written animal legend stories in story theatre style
  • · Creation and performance of numerous original student dramas at all the sites – several of which are truly notable: The Gulf Oil Spill, The Discovery of the Monarch Butterfly, The Revolutionary War, The Body Function Process
  • · Creation of original adaptations of “Macbeth‖ & “The Crucible‖ for Readers Theatre performances
  • · Creation of a News Broadcast Video
  • · Three years of the play “Wind in the Shadows‖ — a collage of student writings with Alida Wilson-Gunn