Administrative Staff

Program Director


Karen K. Husted
Project / Director

Karen Kay Husted, MA, has been bringing the “Training Touch” to various ventures since she was in high school.     She brings  45 years of educational experience to teachers, students and school administrators.    Karen has been a classroom teacher of students K – 18.    All of her educational experience has been centered in the arts education arena.  The key concepts guiding Karen’s work in schools is rooted in current research which has proven repeatedly the arts enriched campus improves campus climate, student engagement, learning and thinking skills, faculty teamwork and focus.   An arts enriched curriculum improves learning in all disciplines.

Previously Karen was head of the BFA and MA in Theatre Education at The University of Arizona where she developed the MA program and increased the size and content of the program.  Prior to this she was a high school and middle school drama/theatre, speech and dance teacher and for 5 years she served as the artistic director and curriculum developer for Tucson High Performing and Visual Arts Magnet High School.  She has taught arts integration for the University of Phoenix for the past 10 years. Currently she is  the founder and executive director of  ARTS FOR “BORDER” CHILDREN.

Program Evaluator


Lawrence T. Mello, Ed. D

Dr. Larry Mello has served as a classroom teacher, school principal, district administrator and educational trainer and consultant for 47 years. He trains classroom teachers in the use of research-based instructional practices and provides educational leadership training and coaching to school administrators. Dr. Mello has facilitated school reform efforts across the nation, has conducted numerous program and project evaluations, and serves as a mentor principal in turn-around schools. His work is grounded in current research on organizational change, effective teaching and learning and leadership competency.

Dr. Mello is the Consultant/Owner of New Designs for Learning, which provides education consultant services, group facilitation, in-service teacher training, school improvement and education leadership training to public and private schools throughout the United States. Dr. Mello has developed and delivered school effectiveness in-service training activities to teachers and administrators in a seven-state region, and has provided liaison with federal and state education agencies and institutions of higher learning. His expertise in K-12, plus higher education brings a wealth of knowledge to the Program.