Media Arts / Photography Overview:

  • · The photography and media components of the SAAA project is led byJosh Schachter, an award winning, professional photographer who is able to engage students in the many aspects of photography as an art and as a method to communicate powerful ideas, stories, and impact for change. In addition our drama/theatre artist, Paul Fisher, has been able to do some integration of theatre and media to produce powerful projects to engage students in total learning and meaning making.

Project Highlights:

  • · Students National Award Winning Photographers mentored & instructed by J. Schachter
  • · Elder Posters & Photographs – Created with the instruction by K. Eisele & J. Schachter
  • · Viewing the Positive & Negative of your community – to create change instructed by J. Schachter
  • · SAAA Gallery Exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, AZ State Capitol, and 22 other galleries in the metropolitan Phoenix area designed by J. Schachter in collaboration with other SAAA visual artists: A. Jones and S. Corl